Welcome to Tory Gallery Promotions (TGP)! My name is Tory and I am excited for the opportunity to work with you.  TGP strives to work closely with every client in developing a plan to make your business life (and life in general) easier and more fun for you.  One of the most valuable things I have learned over the years is, it's worth it to hire someone to do those tasks you don't like to do so you can focus more on the aspects of your business that you love and TGP is here to help!

To give you a bit of background, I graduated from Shepherd Universtiy in 2011 with a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design.  During college, in 2007, I started doing freelance design work for friends as Visual Victoria.  This venture eventually transformed into what the business is today, evolving into so much more than just graphic design projects.

In 2019 Visual Victoria became TGP.  The company has grown over the years to encompass the many passions I have developed into a one stop shop for many professional services.  These days TGP represents a wide range of clients and artists to help them succeed in their everyday business.  Current services include, but aren't limited to, social media management, web design and management, online shop set up and management, graphic design, blogging, music booking and more.

"Tory is the best admin assistant-at-a-distance I could ask for! She quickly established a Bandcamp presence for my music business and found the perfect online appointment-scheduling system for me. She double-checks every detail and thinks of solutions and strategies that never would have occurred to me otherwise. Friendly and efficient service, qualified to help in many different areas, and very reasonable rates—what more could an independent musician want? Highly recommended!"
-- Adam Hurt, Independant Musician